Southport Dog Walks

dog walking in southportDogs are very social pets and are happiest when they have company. Consequently, they can suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them, even if this is only for a few hours. They can also get bored being by themselves, which can lead to unwanted and antisocial behaviours such as barking and chewing household items.

One way to prevent this sort of behaviour is to hire a dog walker to come and take your dog out for a walk. This will provide your dog with the company he craves and will allow him to get some exercise and have fun with his doggy friends.

We offer both individual walks and group walks. Our group walks are great fun for your dog; we all know how much dogs love to have a run, chase a ball, explore, get muddy, play and interact with other dogs. If that sounds like your dog then he will love these walks. The stories he will have to tell you will be endless!

All new dogs are walked on the lead but can be walked off lead with their owners consent once we are confident that your dog will return when called. Whilst on their walk we will do basic training of commands i.e Sit, Down, Wait, Stay and always give them a health check over so they are relaxed with us touching all parts of their bodies like ears, eyes, legs & paws ect.

go walkies dog walkingAlso we do some recall training whilst they are out with us as this is a big part of their walk especially with the distractions of the other dogs. This will also help you when you take them out and need to call them away from other dogs. We will do all of this training throughout their time with us.


We will meet you and your furry friend beforehand, at a time that suits you, to make introductions and to talk through our dog walking service.

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