01 Nov

go walkies on bonfire nightWith the bonfire night very nearly here it’s important to remember the well being of the animals and pets around us. Every year in October and November, vets are inundated with pets and other animals that have become victims to fireworks and bonfires. Quite often these injuries can be easily avoided by taking the simplest of steps during the time surrounding firework related occasions.

Some of steps for example, can be fixed simply by turning the television up during periods where the fireworks are going to be at their loudest. Alternatively, if you decide that you’re going to be going to a bonfire yourself, you could of course leave the radio on for your dog or cat. Though they probably won’t enjoy the delights of Radio 1, classical music has been found to have an overall positive effect on dogs. The research is that conclusive that the works of Bach have been found to reduce separation anxiety and stress behaviour more so than the works of other

You can also take other steps to help your pooch which may take a little bit more of your time and routine. For example walking your dog a little earlier, if possible while it is still light, is a sure way to avoid the thunder of the fireworks. If its not possible to get out from work a little early, simply walk your dog a shorter or alternative route.

Walking your dog is important for his or her general well being so whilst abandoning the walk altogether isn’t recommended, it is important to do the best you can to make sure that your dog gets everything that it needs in or around bonfire night.

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