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Dog walking services in Clapham

Our goal at GoWalkies is simple, we want to help dog owners find the perfect dog walking services in Clapham, so their precious dog gets the exercise and attention they deserve. Our app connects dog walkers with dog owners through a convenient interactive platform. The dog walkers on our app are passionate about dogs and love spending time with them. As the owner you can find and view professional dog walker profiles in the South West London area and connect with them on the same day or for future walks.

Benefits of hiring a dog walking service

A dog that is active and entertained is a happy and healthy dog. However, dogs that miss out on their regular walks tend to show signs of frustration, boredom, and restlessness, which can lead to destructive behaviour. By hiring a dog walker and ensuring that your dog’s needs do not get overlooked even when you are very busy, you are making sure that your dog does not feel neglected or bored. Scheduling continued regular walks with a professional dog walking service helps you with keeping your dog active and content.

Health and wellbeing of your dog – Lots of exercise and mental stimulations are essential for our four-legged friends to be healthy and happy. They thrive on exploring different locations and experiencing different sights, sounds and scents. When you get too busy during the day to take your dog out on their favourite long walks, they become limited to the house or garden for hours on end. Hiring dog walkers in Clapham will allow your dog to go on long explorative walks even when you are unable to do so. This provides them not only with physical activity but also helps them indulge their instinct to explore and discover. This type of mental stimulation is very important for a dog’s mental health as exploring fresh surroundings on long walks helps your dog stay mentally alert.

Maintaining your dog’s routine even when you are away – Routines are essential to your dog’s sense of wellbeing. It provides structure to their days and that in turn helps reduce fears of separations or anxiety. By hiring a dog walker or pet care service you can ensure that your dog’s routine is not disrupted even if you are away for a few days.

Unavoidable circumstances – There are many factors that can contribute towards you being unable to take your dog on their usual daily walks. However just because you cannot personally take your dog for walks, owing to work commitments or a sudden illness, it should not affect your dog. Engaging a dog walker means your dog will still be able to enjoy these long routine walks which are very much essential to their wellbeing. You too can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are not affected by your inability to take them personally.

Things to consider when hiring a dog walker

Caring for an animal is a huge responsibility and should be done by someone who truly cares for dogs and their happiness. They should provide a happy and safe experience that your dog will look forward to regularly. The dog walker you hire should be someone you have complete faith in to look after your dog even in a case of an emergency or unexpected events.

Trained and experienced professionals – Being passionate about dogs is important but so is being able to handle pet first aid and other such emergencies if they should arise. A trained and experienced dog walker will be able to read signs of stress, aggression or fear and handle such behaviour with proper understanding, calmly.

Ratings and reviews from other clients – Checking ratings and reviews from other dog owner clients is a great way to assess a dog walker’s suitability. These reviews and ratings are a genuine reflection of a dog walker’s capabilities and are the best indicators to choosing the right dog walker for your dog.

Insurance and other legalities – It is important that your chosen dog walking service or dog walker is fully insured for liability insurance and are up to date on the correct and current business license requirements. This way there will be no extra complications to deal with should an emergency arise.

Equipment used – There are certain practical essentials every professional dog walker should always carry to ensure a safe walk for your dog. This includes a GPS tracker, an extra collar, a muzzle, if necessary, a proper leash, first aid kits, water, poop bags, treats and dog wipes.

Transportation – If your dog walker needs to travel with your dog to a good walking spot such as Clapham Common, then find out what type of transport they use.

How do you find a dog walking service in Clapham?

Today it is relatively easy to find a good dog walking service in Clapham simply by checking online, where you will find a host of recommendations and reviews. Dog walking networks such as GoWalkies app too provide a convenient meeting point for dog owners and dog walkers to interact.

How much do dog walking services cost?

Dog walking services costs can vary depending on the individual walker, the duration of the walk, the breed of your dog, location and whether it is an individual walk or part of a group. However, rates do tend to be similar across most dog walking services in London.

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