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Professional Dog Walking Services in Richmond

GoWalkies connects dog walkers with dog owners, providing dog lovers with a convenient platform when looking for dog walking services in Richmond. We help dog owners find the perfect dog walker in the Richmond area who are passionate about dogs and love spending time with them. With just a few taps via the GoWalkies app, dog owners can find and view professional dog walker profiles in the area and connect with them for either same day or future walks. Our goal is simple, we want to help dogs get the exercise and attention they deserve on the days when their owners have a lot to juggle.

Benefits of hiring a dog walking service

There are many benefits to hiring a dog walker such as making sure that your dog gets the daily exercise required and that their daily routine is not overlooked due to your work or personal commitments. Dogs who miss out on their regular walks tend to show signs of stress, boredom, restlessness, and frustration. This can be avoided if you ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy by scheduling continued regular walks with a dog walker.

Health and wellbeing – Our four-legged friends require lots of exercise as well as mental stimulation. They thrive on exploring and experiencing different sights, sounds and scents. As the owner, if we are busy during the day and unable to take them out on long rambling walks, our dogs are limited to the house or garden for hours on end. Hiring a dog walker to take your dog on explorative walks will not only provide them with the physical activity they need but will also give them the opportunity to indulge their instinct to explore and discover. This is very important for a dog’s mental health. If you are busy and do not have time during the day to go on slow walks, hiring a dog walker in Richmond will help save the day and keep your dog happy.

Maintaining your dog’s routine – Routines are very important to your dog’s sense of wellbeing. It gives structure to their day and helps reduce anxiety or fears of separation. Walks are especially important for the routine and hiring a dog walking service ensures that this can continue even during times when you are over stretched.

Unavoidable circumstances – There are many unavoidable reasons that can contribute towards you being unable to take your dogs on their usual walks. The good news is that you don’t personally need to be there for every walk – hiring a dog walker means your dog won’t miss out on an experience it both enjoys and very much needs. If illness or sudden work commitments arise then hiring a dog walker or dog sitter will maintain your canine friend’s daily routine, keeping them happy and healthy. You too can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are being taken care of.

Things to consider when hiring a dog walker

Handing your dog over to the care of someone else is definitely a big step and there are a few factors to consider when looking for a reliable dog walker. Caring for an animal is an enormous responsibility and the dog walker you hire is someone you have complete faith in to look after your dog in case of an emergency or unexpected events.

Trained and experienced professionals – This is imperative because besides their love for dogs, a dog walker should be able to handle pet first aid and be able to read signs of stress, fear or aggression and handle such behaviour with proper understanding.

Ratings and reviews from their other clients – When you use an app like GoWalkies you can check a dog walker’s ratings and reviews from other clients. These are a genuine reflection of a dog walker’s capabilities and are the best indicators to choosing the right dog walker for your dog.

Insurance and other legalities – Make sure that all of this is in order so that in case of an emergency there are no extra complications for you to deal with. The dog walker you hope to hire should have the correct licenses and insurances relevant to your area which includes a business license and a liability insurance.

Equipment used – A professional dog walker has certain portable and practical essentials that they should carry at all times. This includes GPS trackers, proper leashes and muzzles if necessary as well as an extra collar, first aid kits, poop bags, water, treats and dog wipes.

Transportation – If your walker needs to travel with your dog to a good walking area, it is important to investigate the mode of transport they use and to be sure it is suitable and comfortable for your dog.

How do you find a dog walking service in Richmond?

Luckily these days it is not difficult to find a good dog walking service in Richmond as we have a host of resources at our fingertips. Checking online is one of the easiest ways to check reviews and recommendations. Apps such as GoWalkies provide the perfect and convenient meeting point for dog owners and dog walkers to interact.

How much do dog walking services cost?

The cost will depend on each individual walker. It will also depend on the duration of the walk, location and whether it is individual or part of a group. A rough estimate breakdown is given below:

London Central £15

Greater London £12

Midlands £7


Through the GoWalkies app we offer you a database of verified dog walkers who are even able to customise a walking route for your dog. You can check recommendations and get in touch with suitable candidates for further discussions.

Simply download the link to start making use of this wonderful resource, get in touch with our 24/7 email support, or call us for further details. For more information you can also check out our blog.