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How GoWalkies is helping tackle the dog theft crisis

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According to the Wood Green Animal Shelter, the number of inquiries for dogs increased by 253% in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people turned to canine companions to keep them entertained during the lockdown period.

As with any marketplace, increased demand drove the prices of dogs up and has resulted in more dogs being used to breed, stud, and make money. Leading pet-listing website, Pets4Homes, stated that the cost of some breeds grew to nearly 200% of their pre-lockdown value.

However, as the dog market has continued to grow throughout lockdown, so has the unfortunate trend of dogs being stolen to be sold at these new, higher prices.

In an era of unprecedented numbers of new dog owners and heightened awareness around dog safety, GoWalkies provides a solution that gives owners peace of mind when having to leave their dogs at home more regularly, as a return to normality approaches.

Here’s how GoWalkies can support new and experienced dog owners in keeping their pooch safe:

Keep track of pups

As a hub for booking and managing dog walks, GoWalkies has a range of built-in safety features to provide peace of mind for dog owners, including live location tracking for walks.

That’s right, the GoWalkies app allows owners to get real-time updates on where their dog and dog walker are located. This information is presented on a map and even includes details on where they have previously been on that walk.

In the event of a lost or stolen dog on a walk, the live tracking feature will provide walkers and owners with an accurate most recent location to begin a search.

Verified walkers

Before handing their dog a brand-new walker, many dog owners will want to know who their walker is, their experience and previous reviews.

Before signing up, walkers must provide information on their identity and insurance policy to successfully sign up and begin walking. The GoWalkies team also vet the identity and insurance information provided to ensure the safety and security of walkers and owners.

Once on the app, dog owners can write reviews for walkers to develop and build their profile. A walker’s personal page, alongside availability, price, and location, can also provide prospective clients with information on their previous walks to provide additional assurance.


As a human’s best friend, naturally, the safety of dogs is paramount. This is particularly important as many owners prepare to return to the office and leave their pets unattended or in the responsibility of new people.

GoWalkies is the solution to those who need additional support in looking after their dogs, with the security of vetted dog walkers as part of a community who care.

To find out more, download the GoWalkies app for Dog Owners, or Dog Walkers, today!