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Why insurance is key for building a dog walking business

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Dog ownership has skyrocketed over the past eighteen months, with an estimated 3.2 million people having taken on a new pet during lockdown, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association. Now as restrictions are being lifted, and a return to normality is in sight, many of those new dog owners are due to undertake another lifestyle change as they begin to return to the office.

This is good news for the dog walking market, which has already seen a huge spike in demand that will continue to increase as owners return to work. Many of these dogs are unaccustomed to being left alone, leaving them at a higher risk of boredom, stress and separation anxiety, meaning dog walkers and dog walking businesses alike are set to benefit from increased custom.

With this in mind, new businesses should equip themselves with understanding the importance of insurance when gaining clients, taking bookings and building up a successful dog walking business.

Peace of mind

Giving your clients peace of mind and allaying any hesitation they might have goes a long way in securing return custom. Insuring your business and letting any prospective clients know that you’re covered is a great way to build trust and confidence in you and your services. It’s not always easy for a potential client to hand their beloved pet over to a new dog walker, but taking all the right steps to make the transition as comfortable as possible is key to building client confidence and ensuring that they rebook with you time and time again.

Implementing the right insurance policy is vital for your own peace of mind as a business owner, too, giving you the confidence to operate safely and efficiently.

Financial support

They may be man’s best friend, but we all know dogs can be unpredictable sometimes. Whether it’s an unforeseen incident whilst out on a walk, an injury, or unexpected damages caused by the dog, vet and repair bills can quickly pile up, placing undue stress and expenses on a growing business.

In those unfortunate cases where it is needed, having the option to claim on your pet business insurance can help dog walking businesses stay afloat in a fast growth and competitive market. A comprehensive insurance policy can provide key financial aid in covering many major costs, and ensures your business can continue to operate without a dent in your cashflow.

Appeal to more dog owners

As more and more dog walkers and dog walking businesses join GoWalkies, it’s vital to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Including basic information such as your experience, location, availability and pricing makes a huge difference in finding a client base that suits you and your business, but to really go the extra mile it helps to have pet business insurance.

Having a comprehensive insurance policy presents both you and your business in the best light possible to any potential clients, showing an additional level of professionalism, as well as indicating to customers that you care about the wellbeing of their beloved pooches. Walkers can easily submit their insurance documents for verification, and the GoWalkies insurance sash is a great way to position yourself and your growing business as the leader of the pack when it comes to safety, reliability and security.


Whether your dog walking business is a solo venture, or a bigger enterprise handling tens of dogs each day, the benefits of pet business insurance should not be overlooked. Having the right insurance is key to developing a successful dog walking business by instilling trust and confidence in your clients, whilst giving you that extra competitive edge as the demand for professional dog walking services continues to grow.

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