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Why your local professional pet sitter is your best pet-care option

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As pet parents, leaving your canine companion for any length of time can be distressing for both you and your dog. Whether it is due to a long shift at work or a week away, leaving your four-legged friend is not easy – especially as they will need stimulation, exercise, food, and water while you are away! Not only can it be emotionally stressful for the dogs, but it can also manifest in physical stress.

Whilst many owners may opt to leave their dog with everything they need, instruct a neighbour to pop in or take them to a kennel if it’s for a longer period, finding a pet sitter is often the best care option for your dog.

Owning a dog is a 24/7 commitment, and the level of care your dog receives should never change just because you are not around. There are key parts of a canine lifestyle that should not be drastically changed, if possible, particularly walking and feeding routines.

An experienced pet sitter armed with plenty of information from owners would mean your dog is cared for as if you never left, which cannot always be promised if you opt for Kennels instead.

That said, here is why your local professional pet sitter is your best pet-care option if you do have to leave your dog:

Knowledge and experience

Many home pet sitters will be operating with a range of different clients. From a nervous Great Dane to an over-excitable Chihuahua, they will likely see it all. This means that when it comes to your very own dog, they will be able to call on their experience to offer the perfect, tailored pet sitting services.

Not only does an experienced pet sitter mean they will be better suited to looking after your dog in day-to-day situations, but importantly, they will be able to deal with potential conflicts with other dogs or animals they may encounter when out on walks.

Any other emergency situations that arise such as injuries or behavioural changes will be dealt with quickly and effectively by a knowledgeable pet sitter who has asked all the right questions.

To ensure you have opted for a knowledgeable pet sitter, it is important to ask for their credentials or to do your research in advance to make sure that they have the relevant skills and experience to care for your dog.

This means that whether your dog gets nervous around others, is food aggressive or just a bit grumpy sometimes, the right pet sitter will be able to support them throughout their stay!

Peace of mind

Aside from the practical benefits, the decision to hire a pet sitter as opposed to going to a boarding facility or the occasional dog walker will give you true peace of mind.

New environments and new people can be scary for dogs, so keeping them in a home they recognise and reducing the amount of change will be key for keeping your pooch happy and comfortable.

You will also have greater peace of mind knowing your dog is with an experienced expert who is dedicated solely to the needs of your pet. At dog kennels, the dogs often outnumber the employees, but having a pet sitter means your dog gets undivided attention and can have more tailored care than if they were one of a group of dogs being looked after by one individual.

Many professional pet sitters will also give their clients peace of mind through various forms and regulations. For example, criminal record checks [sometimes known as a DBS] can be provided to demonstrate a clean background – this is often a requirement for roles in which someone has to enter someone else’s home for business. Other pet sitting businesses will also pay for specific pet business insurance for financial peace of mind meaning they are able to pay for any damages or vet costs they may incur when the dog is in their care. Even though we always hope for an uneventful stay, sometimes accidents can happen, and pet business insurance means you can be reimbursed, if necessary.

Reviews and testimonials are also a great way to gauge a pet sitter and get peace of mind based off their previous and current clients who have shared reviews. A pet sitter with a great reputation and a happy, returning client base will be sure to have a platform that shows off their positive reviews and encouraging testimonials.

Your dog will receive better quality of care

First and foremost, many dog sitters choose their profession because they love dogs. This means that they provide the best care not only because they are paid to do it, but because they truly care for dogs.

When it comes to the quality of care a dog receives with a pet sitter, often it cannot be matched. Pet sitters go to your home and use food, toys, and treats that the dog is familiar with, helping to reduce the stress of a changing situation. With only one canine client to look after at a time, the quality of care is much higher.

With a pet sitter visiting your home, it is also much easier to advise on and provide potential medication needed for your dog. This is key for any dogs who may not only need to have specific medications and specific times but may also feel under the weather after taking it. Being at home with a pet sitter means they can relax with their favourite toys in a familiar environment!

Booking a pet sitter for your pet also means they be able to operate on a stricter schedule than a neighbour or family members, for example. Being local and dedicated to the care of one or a select few dogs means there’s less risk of the pet sitter coming at awkward times and putting your dog off schedule. Routines can be extremely important for dogs, so keeping that in place while you are away is key. When it comes to walks, it is especially important. Walking is a key part of a dog’s day as it allows them to burn energy and go to the toilet. Maintaining the same routine reduces the risk of any accidents and can also reduce the likelihood of your dog getting bored or restless at times when they’re alone.


Ultimately, a pet sitter is somebody who enjoys being with dogs and cats and has a professional image they need to uphold to secure more business. This means that when you book a professional pet sitter, you can be assured that they’re doing what they’re doing for their own benefit, as well as that of you and your dog.

As previously mentioned, choosing a particularly experienced dog sitter also means you can rely on prior reviews to inform your decision.

It’s often much easier to discover a pet sitter that you can fully trust if you can find one through your network of friends or dog owners. A reliable referral, particularly if the person who referred them has a similar dog in energy or temperament to yours, will reduce any potential issues with inexperience and put you at ease quicker in comparison to a relatively unknown pet sitter.


One of the main benefits of a local pet sitter is in fact how easy they are to work with!

Choosing a local pet sitter who knows the area makes things like walks and emergency pet visits a much easier process. Being able to book a pet sitter that can choose appropriate, safe routes that they have walked before is, again, fantastic for reducing the stress your dog experiences and means you can be sure that your dog is getting the right exercise in a familiar area.

A pet sitter also reduces the amount of travel you must do in preparation for them staying with your dog. In some areas, the nearest kennel may not be nearby, adding an extra inconvenience to you and unnecessary stress for your dog.


Pet sitters are the perfect way to care for your dog while you’re away. Compared to kennels or check-ins, they are a plethora of benefits that mean your dog is less stressed, better exercised and better looked after when not in your care. From day-to-day feeding and walking to emergency vet visits, a professional local pet sitter helps put you at ease, while ensuring your dog truly lives their best life.